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We are blown away to announce that Land of the Living, after almost 6 years of ministry, now has a HOME in the city of downtown Hanover, Pennsylvania! This old stained glass Methodist Church carries the rich history and hidden beneath these church pews are the roots of revival. 


When we first toured, it was under contract to be turned into an Apartment Complex, but God had other plans. Two days later the contract was ripped up and we began taking steps towards purchasing this 22,000 square foot property! This was far from our original plan to own land off the beaten path but God has given us so many dreams for this adventure. 


When we toured the property, we began seeing this place as a launching pad for God's dreams for this area and only the beginning of what He wants to do in Land of the Living. This expansion allows us to continue doing ministry in all the ways we have been but also allows for new opportunities of growth in an urban expression, meeting people right where they are. 


We believe God has entrusted us with this assignment and we are so incredibly thankful to all of our generous Donors who eclipsed the amount we needed to raise for the closing costs. There is much work and planning to do in the coming months and we ask each of you to pray for the Father's wisdom, guidance, and provision as we take steps towards renovation. With the history of this building dating back to the 1800's, there are many needs moving forward with renovating this new space and we have provided a Giving Tab labeled: "Property Fund" if you would like to give!

"We're His servants and we're going to work, rebuilding..." -Nehemiah 2:20 MSG


We know God moves without the blueprints of a property and His presence takes residence within any heart ready to receive Him. We pray Jesus receives many hearts and generations are restored to wholeness in this place through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


1. Payable to Land of the Living
2. Send to 200 E Middle St, Hanover, PA 17362
3. Write Campus Campaign in memo line

All Donations are Tax Deductible

Goal 1: Met

Renovations:  Bathrooms, Laminate Flooring, Paint


Funds Needed: $75,000

Our goal was to get the bathrooms in working condition as that was a necessity as we launch our upcoming Discipleship School. These bathrooms feature Mens & Women's Restrooms with in Total: 3 Toilets, 3 sinks, 2 urinals, and a fan.

We also were able to rip out the current carpets and replace with vinyl flooring as well as paint & put in floor trim. 

Goal 2: Met

Renovations:  Restoring the Flooring


Funds Needed: $15,000

The goal of this campus campaign is to get the original hardwood floors restored in the Sanctuary before our first event in March 2024. We have already ripped out the old red carpets and these floors had the glue scraped, sanded, and stained. We have raised $12k towards this project and there were a few unforeseen extra costs that still need covered. 

If you would like to donate to our goal of renovations, you can click the button below, or give by check. We are in awe of your support.

Goal 3:

Renovations:  More Floor


Funds Needed: $15,000

The goal of this campus campaign is to get LVP flooring for our basement before our Rekindle Retreat in April 2025. We have already ripped out the old blue carpets and now these floors need the tile replaced. If you would like to donate to our goal of renovations, so that we can house students in our basement, you can click the button below, or give by check. We are so grateful for your support!


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