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Caleb and Bethany live in the hills of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania with their twin boy & girl,

Alleluia & Zion, and their toy goldendoodle Graham. 

They love people and love getting to lead worship around the world. 


They have been writing and recording music for over a decade,

and their first single together, "Blueprints" came out in 2018.

Their first EP called "Strike the Dark" dropped in July of 2020. 


Caleb and Bethany teamed up with Providence Worship in Fall of 2019 and

have been featured on various albums such as Send Revival ("Hearts Ablaze) and

Moments (Revivals in the Air and I Just Love You). 


They have a new upcoming full length album featuring 12 songs titled: "Heaven is Here."

So far they have released the first 6 Singles until the full album drops with Integrity.

Caleb and Bethany desire for generations to be restored to wholeness, and their music mimics their desire

for renovation in the homes of hearts by worshipping with raw authenticity and full intimacy in Jesus.

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