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Adoption is the Gospel

Adoption is not a replacement option for infertility. It is not a fix. It isn't a cool trend to emulate or a heroic duty for only the "good Christians." Adoption is the Gospel.

Jesus pulled up a chair beside me, got out His magnifying glass to a Scripture I had read a million times and thought, "big deal, woopdie-doo, poopity scoop," and told me to walk into the letters.

It was regarding the Gentile & the Jew. The wild olive branch & the natural branch.

The page became living and I began to read the words as if they were my own:

"I came to my own (womb), but my own (womb) did not receive me.

But to those who I did, I gave them the right to become my children.

You are reborn to me not physically but a birth that comes from/made possible by God.

You're not a result of my passion or plan but His!

Children not born of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will but born of God."-John 1:11-13

"But the Jews (my body) rejected life so I offered it to (adopt) the Gentile."

"There is no difference between the Jew or the Gentile--the Lord is the Lord of ALL and richly blesses all who call Him: Father/Abba." -Romans 10:12

"Salvation is FROM the Jews." Had they not rejected Him, the Gentiles would have never known Jesus.

Had I not been infertile...I would have never known adoption.

Salvation is from infertility. My curse has become my blessing.

In adoption, wrong family/background/education/language/race/culture/sexual preference/morals...NOTHING rules you out, except unbelief (or unacceptance).

He will not force you out of the Orphanage. He chooses you and then lets you choose Him.

Your parents (Trinity) have been wanting you before you were even born.

Father, Son & Holy Spirit knew your orphanage was Earth so they decided that they would cross galaxies, stepping out of heaven to enter your world.

They saw when you felt alone, misunderstood, hurt, crying, they saw it all & He came. Jesus came to adopt you. He's already building a home in a place you can't even imagine.

He considers you valuable, worth all of His attention & His affection.

And after reading these red dripped letters from the scars of His hands and the story of His journey, the hardest places in my heart began responding to the changing of the seasons.

In that moment, in the weirdest of ways, I felt like Jesus knew exactly what infertility felt like. His own seed rejected Him, so He swung the doors wider for a non-generational line to receive His inheritance.

In what areas have you been barren & resentful instead of realizing the opportunity to expand your destiny? What "Orphanage" are you hesitating to visit? What places have you been waiting on a "calling" that He has simply asked you to consider? Who are the people who rejected you that caused an entrance to a new future?

Ask God to give you the strength to let yourself say yes. You won't regret it.


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