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Take Your Seat at the Table

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

We are so enthralled to announce that another "First Century" of an "Endless Era"

was born March 14th: 11 minds wide, 11 hearts deep & 11 souls tall.

The Rekindle Retreat could not have been more beautiful.

Want to hear a testimony that just may leave you in tears of an ember who was an orphan in Ukraine? He was adopted yet still struggled with feelings of distrust until discovering the open arms of a loving Father. Click to watch here.

Deep in the Historic countryside, an old Bed & Breakfast was being prepared for a very special gathering.

Foraged ivy tumbled across two long dining tables. Candlelight curled in glass tableware, tossing a soft glimmer over the room. Tailored place settings & Trinity awaited our guests.

The wooden table smoothed by generations of relaxed elbows, hints at stories told & mysteries shared throughout the centuries. This was a revelry for feasting & friendship, connecting & conversation, desire & dreaming.

The air was filled with the delightful hum of last-minute preparations and the gentle chatter of soon-to-be “embers” huddled outside. When the doors were finally drawn open, a collective gasp suddenly spilled into the night.

Participants of the Rekindle Retreat (whom we like to call "embers") took their seat at the table with a place reserved just for them and time as we knew it stood still.

After powerful worship experiences full of symphonies & anthems, we saw shame flee and fear collapse as the fire of God fell upon us. If you paused to look into the eyes of each "ember" you may see a pool of wonder, their hearts fluttering a little faster, their minds whirling with new possibilities. They experienced a holy unanticipated expansion, an opening, a revealing of a brave new world where their earthly moments can be filled with heaven, where they can have friendship with God.

Spiritual Creative Retreats have played a huge role in my own growth over the past decade from my first experience in the dense fog of Chicago to the nurturing journey in the woods of North Carolina, and to now hosting our own Rekindle Retreats in the land of Mississippi.

Every time I come away with a sense of transformation, renewed energy, & a holy kind of confidence. These retreats, it has been our responsibility to set the tone so that others would have that same experience too.

We encouraged our guests to be open to all that was ahead. For the truth is, we never really know what is going to unfold or change when we gather in the presence of a creative God, but we know that something will for sure. The more open we are to that, the deeper the impact.

Traditionally the word “retreat” means to pull back into safety or seclusion.

The beauty of retreating with others without judgement is a whole other endeavor that I wish for every soul. This Spring Retreat, we saw another side of His face and we are grateful.

… and of course, this retreat would have be impossible without the help of some of these amazing friends! A BIG thank you to: All of our Financial Supporters, Our fearless Leaders, Bill & Mary Buckley, Mark & Barbara Horstemeyer, Darren & Janet Beall, Calligraphy by Megan Aucoin, Jimmy & Jordan Glassford, Wes & Kristen Shrickel, John & Carrie Copeland, Kathryn Taylor, Debbie Mabry, Camara McCullom, Trace Vining, Keely Roberts, & Carla Cummings.

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