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The Presence

“Fear not” is found 68 times in the Bible! Must be an important message, right?

Fear is just so insidious. It is designed to keep from the present by causing us to focus on the past or on the future, because the present is where the Presence is!

Our enemy knows that if he can keep us from the Presence, he will limit, distract, and defeat us.  

Paul’s challenge in I Thessalonians 5:17 is especially relevant to defeating fear: "Pray without ceasing" is not a command for discipline but a measure of transformation.

My life was so desperate and broken that when I met the present beauty of Jesus, prayer became the default screen of my heart. I pray throughout my day, without thinking about it.

I’m not an extra-spiritual person. I’m an extra desperate person, needing the presence and power of God to defeat my fears.

I have no concept of what people mean when they say, "prayer works” as if it is a tool to be evaluated. That’s like saying, “breathing works”. Of course it does! We die without it!

Prayer is the breath in God, without which we suffocate spiritually!

In the Bible the words breath, wind, and spirit are often translated from the same Hebrew word “ruwach”. Job 32:8 uses ruwach twice: "But it is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.”

When my spirit and God’s breath are one, my soul lives. His voice flows through my heart, and mine through His, in a powerful exchange!

He is the air I breathe! He is the Fear-Killer!

So, take a breath and be at peace, you are known and loved!


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