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Blended with cage free eggs and the finest spices to create a decadent seasonal treat, which also features a handmade Christmas Ornament for your tree. Ditch the store-bought eggnog brands this year and bring the the perfect accent to any holiday celebration. Yaysayers attest that it tastes superbly custardy with the perfect homemade touch —without having to actually make eggnog at home. ;-) It's thick and ultra-creamy without coming off like a melted milkshake, and it's the right amount of sweet without being sickly or syrupy, pouring out in a beautiful cream color. 

Your purchase goes to restoring generations to wholeness at our new ministry building where we are raising funds to restore the wooden floors in our worship room. We appreciate you investing into this mission!

Shipping is not available for this product. Please select Pick Up at Providence. You can find your purchase at the Land of the Living Table set up in the Lobby after church. 

Egg Nog

No shipping, must select pick up at Providence
  • 32 oz Miniature Jug

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