Caleb and Bethany love the global church and love getting to lead worship around the world. They have been writing and recording music for over a decade, and their first single together, "Blueprints" came out in 2018. Caleb and Bethany teamed up with Providence Worship in Fall of 2019 and their newest EP called "Strike the Dark" dropped in July of 2020. 

They are currently recording a new album with Nathan Horst & Josh Bahl at Attic Studios and are releasing 6 Singles from May to October, until the full album drops!

Caleb and Bethany desire for generations to be restored to wholeness, and their music mimics their desire for renovation in the homes of hearts by worshipping with raw authenticity and full intimacy in Jesus.


Creativity flows through the veins of ministry here in Land of the Living. Through creative expression the staff are continually finding ways to share God's heart for the world.


Our non-fiction literature dives into Christianity, theology and the church of the 21st century.

Our future fiction literature will dive into the "Legend of Evelyn;" a world where light and darkness meet through anthropomorphic animals cast upon a precolonial American backdrop.


Lukewarm Lies

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Many Christians are familiar with Revelation 3:14-16 that says: 

"Because you are lukewarm- neither hot not cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth."

Yet many are unaware of the lukewarm"truth" they are drinking. If is conniving and misleading, hidden messages that seem good but are ultimately guiding many away from the fullness of God.

We've accepted what was easy to swallow, hoping that it was truth. It may be safe to say that we have wandered a little too far away from God's standard of truth when we accept Lukewarm instead o hot and cold theology. But what is a Lukewarm Lie, how do you recognize one, and how should you respond once you've identified them? 

Lukewarm Lies will expose some of the lies running rampant throughout the 21st Century Church, teaching you how to discern each lie, break their influence and grant yourself access to the healing "hot springs" of God's presence and the "cold waters" of His refreshing Words.

The Legend of Evelyn

The first book, Cerulean, will be available June 2021. 

The timescale that best defines this world, from our sense of history, is frontier America. This world is made up of warrior otters, prophetic bears, conniving wolves and oh so much more. 

Through creative writing C. J. Kuenzli hopes to free minds and hearts to live from a place of true identity. The stories associated with The Legend of Evelyn are intended to unite the mind, soul and body to experience and hope for more!

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