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Join us for this incredible school from the comfort of your own home! Together we will dust of the shelves of our lyrics, music and melodies. We will go beyond what we know of songwriting to discovering how we can worship Jesus with our entire lives. 

Hours of workshops and training focused on songwriting, cultivating lyrics and melodies through intimacy with God. Learn alongside mothers and fathers in the music industry who lead and write from His presence. 

Get ready to encounter the love of God and discover the beauty of the song that's been waiting to spill from your heart. 

  • Get unlimited access to the Rekindle Songwriters School library

  • Songwriting, Workshops, and training

  • Coaching from experienced writers, composers, lyricists, musicians, producers and artists

  • Enjoy full worship sets, exclusive sessions and more

  • Watch on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Our desire is that you walk away from this school with a deeper understanding of the heart of God and how to bring your whole heart to Him in worship and a greater level of excellence in the area of songwriting.