Family Table

R E K I N D L E  R E T R E A T S

Come join us in the woods of Pennsylvania. We will feast on delicious food around long candlelit tables; and we will share our deepest beliefs, doubts and hopes within unique daily sessions. During the retreat we release creativity and feel the joy of expressing emotions through the lens of the Holy Spirit. We take time in stillness to journal and reflect the voice of our Father.

Adult Retreat

Ages: 20+

Cost: $400

Purpose: This four day getaway is in the woods of New Freedom  PA who feel the weight of day to day life and are ready to uncover the tools that will rekindle a wild fire that will never burn out.​ By slipping away from the noise & distractions of everyday life and standing in the silence of creation, we will immerse the frame of our humanity into the identity of who the Father says we are. Risk an endeavor with Trinity to encounter who He really is.

Come learn to go deeper with God in processing your emotions, rather than denying or suppressing them. 

This retreat is for Ages 20+.


Spring 2023

Songwriters School

Student Retreat

Ages: All

Cost: $90


Purpose: This online retreat is for anyone who wants to dust off the shelves of your lyrics, music & melodies to go beyond what you know of songwriting and discovering how we can worship Jesus with our entire lives. 

Tune in to 12+ Sessions from the comfort of your own home from 7 Music Artists to encounter the love of God and discover the beauty of the song that's been waiting to spill from your heart. 

This retreat is for all ages.

Ages: 15-18

Cost: TBD

Purpose: Bring Caleb & Bethany to your Church Youth Group to combat against the lies of culture and create a one of a kind experience for your students to feel seen, heard and known.

We venture to step out from behind the masks & into our Kingdom identity, which is our truest form. Embark on a journey into the wilderness of your heart.

This retreat is ideal for Students.


Now Available Online



You can email us to secure dates for your church's Youth Group!