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You may be familiar with having a Coach to achieve your health & fitness goals, or a Life Coach to improve your business,

or a Counselor to help sort through your past but have you ever considered your spirit worth the investment?




































What to Expect:


These times are set apart for…

  • Learning to hear the voice of the Lord for yourself

  • Activating forgiveness at a true heart level

  • Taking you through a Scriptural understanding of freedom in Christ

  • Learning what weapons are available through salvation in Jesus

  • Helping you diagnose specific strongholds and giving tools to demolish them 

  • Exercising & practicing our identity as sons & daughters made in the image of a Father

  • Celebrating, Championing & encouraging your heart

Are you ready to encounter the love of God and

discover the beauty of the fire He’s going to kindle in your heart?

Afternoon Light


is someone who helps uncover your true identity.
We work with you to discover the freedom, power, authority,
and blessing you were made for all along. 

Men join Caleb & Ladies join Bethany Kuenzli for 1:1's Intensives via a Zoom Video Call from the comfort of your home!

Are you hungry, willing, and ready to engage Jesus in new ways?

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