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Restoring generations to wholeness

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an experience for the   heart  |  soul  |  mind   to connect with Trinity

Songwriters Online Retreat 
Ages 15-40
Fall 2021
Adult Retreat
Ages 30 +
Spring 2022
Flowers and Hand


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One of the Kingdom Values here at Land of the Living that flows through everything we do is Creativity. We feel that God has gifted everyone the ability to embrace the creative process in order to add beauty to the world. Caleb Kuenzli, has just released his first book, Lukewarm Lies. Head to our shop to get one for your personal growth or bless someone else this Christmas!

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We want to see generations restored to wholeness. We'd like to invite you to walk along side us by joining our Kingdom family in empowering a new era of sons & daughters.

If you'd like to join our Donor Family, send us an email at so we can send you a little gift to say thanks.