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Welcome to Cairn.


Cairn is the world where The Legend of Evelyn takes place.

Cerulean is the first of many stories to make up: "The Legend of Evelyn."


Cahn, a frontier landmass, is one of six covenants in the world of Cairn. Cahn is on the cusp of being tamed. And yet, it is still very much a desperate, wild thing.


This world is made up of warrior otters, prophetic bears, conniving wolves, and oh so much more. As power is handed out, so there are those who seek to take and bend the covenant to their will.


As you enter in, beware. There are things at play in Cairn that are natural and supernatural. Unknown and known. Then and now. Not all that you see is seen, and not all that you miss is missing.


Cautiously and yet optimistically, step into a world beyond imagination and learn of The Legend of Evelyn.


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$8.99Sale Price
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