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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Many of us have done it.

That moment where you see a certain person/clique/group and you want to find the nearest hole to crawl into so as to avoid what feels awkward or 'wrong' to you.

Recently, I pulled up to a stoplight to find a homeless man staring in my eyes with a sign that begged me to look to & fro within my car to find something to give him. Thankfully I had a Granola Bar handy and rolled down my window with a smile. But there have been plenty of times where that exact scenario had me wishing the light was green so I could roll on through, pretending to not notice or "inconvenience the cars behind me."

Jesus wasn’t an avoider of anything. If He was an avoider of mess…He would’ve never come for us.

He didn’t avoid breaking social norms either, in fact, it was something He did often.

He touched lepers, loved liars, ignored racial prejudices, refused to shame a prostitute and died for people that He wasn’t “suppose” to save. These radical actions reveal the heart of a Father who had a value of quality.

Here are some ways we define Quality.

1. Quality is peculiar but it’s essential. It’s the character & degree of excellence to honor even when respect isn’t deserved. It’s the capacity to love without limits.

2. Quality is giving your whole life despite the rejection. It’s the thick flow of blood that Jesus surged to heal every wound as we joined the dance of victory to the song of grace.

3. Quality is intimacy. It’s the way the Father looks into our eyes with adoration and truly sees the hearts of His sons and daughters.

4. Quality looks like serving the homeless with the same honor as the CEO. It’s laying aside judgment and taking the time to learn the heart of a man.

When I attended the 2018 Rekindle | Young Adult Retreat, I saw this value demonstrated. I was loved relentlessly. A mirror was held in front of me, so I could see the reflection of the Father staring back at me.

Quality is not just something this ministry believes in, but it’s the testimony of their lives. Valuing each person through the lens of the Holy Spirit and serving each son and daughter as royalty is a stunning opportunity, not a laboring duty. We're called to love the broken hearted, the guarded, the insecure, the fearful, the mistrustful, & the shameful.

Will you?


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